About us

With more than 10 years of expertise in agricultural, forestry and construction machinery, , have we Kai Bassen and Torsten Meyer, devised a brand new concept making the trade in used machines more efficient, cheaper and more profitable.
Kai Bassen has a long standing experience in worldwide trading of used machines, Torsten Meyer, as an all-rounder and practitioner has a deep understanding of technical processes, efficient machine application and needs-oriented marketing. We have been for several years successful with our own companies in the market.
At the end of 2014, we decided to merge two marketing strategies and creating the necessary infrastructure in the form of Toka Landtechnik UG (limited liability) in 2015. This website inter alia is the result of these efforts, allowing you to execute your machine purchases at low cost and efficiently: just with a few clicks.


Logistics of used agricultural, forestry and construction machinery is a particular challenge in both domestic and international trade in, since it involves in most cases large and heavy machinery. We try to keep these costs as low as possible and support you by offering various services, including:
  • Storage at the collection point in Visselhövede (ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven about 1 truck hour away)
  • Low-loader transports
  • Cleaning and preparation
  • Upgrade and repairs
  • Crane loading
  • Container loading
  • RoRo shipping
  • Container shipments
  • Export processing
  • Conditions of transport
  • Heavy goods transports
  • Cleanliness certificate
We offer these services in part at fixed prices or package solutions specifically tailored to your requirements.

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If – instead of offers for buying – you are interested in achieving a good price for selling your machine you should visit our (german) sister site: Landmaschinen-Ankauf.de